Violinist: Practitioner

In brief, I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Memphis and a Master of Music from SUNY Purchase, both concentrating in Violin Performance.

Students looking for my studio page can click here.

Since moving to New York in 2013, I have established my own private teaching studio throughout lower Westchester County and Manhattan and am working to expand my studio of twenty as the year progresses.  The method I’ve mostly closely embraced is the Suzuki approach, however I include the NYSSMA and Royal Conservatory (CA) standards as they further aid in developing a deeper, well-rounded musician, increasing success of the collegiate level during high school: my private students are fully prepared for the AP Music Theory Exam by their Junior year of high school as well.

Summer 2016 marked my fourth working at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp and my second as a Teaching Fellow there. Not only was I responsible for teaching a studio of twenty-five private lessons and coaching several chamber ensembles, I also was the sectional coach for two of the performing orchestras as well Lead Fellow to the new Concertmaster Program. While at Interlochen, I also had the pleasure of performing in several of the Recitals around campus and I’ve posted the videos on my YouTube Channel. During previous Summer seasons, I had the sincere privilege of working with Rich Church and the High School Musical Theater Department, leading the pit orchestra.

I started playing the violin at age 5 and my first recital was at age 6.

I started playing with the Bellevue Baptist Sanctuary Orchestra and the Memphis Youth Symphony Organization at age 9.

Started performing with Bellevue’s Violin Ensembles as a dancing violinist at age 11.

Started getting booked for local musical theater shows’ pit orchestras at age 13.

First chorus stage performance was for the BBC Singing Christmas Tree at age 14.

By 15, I won Most Musical and performed Kabalevsky’s C Major Concerto at a New Mexico Music Camp.

Performed in several European cities with the Memphis Youth Symphony at age 16.

Won Most Talented at my high school’s Senior Miss Pageant at age 17.

Received several scholarships for merit and talent from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Ole Miss University at Oxford, and The University of Memphis during my collegiate years.

During my time at Memphis, I helped the growth as principal of the Memphis Repertory Orchestra, playing on the first LP.

I was offered Full Assistantships for Graduate School from The University of Memphis and Baylor University. I chose, however, to honor the large sum of scholarships endowed to me by SUNY Purchase College for my Master’s.

While at Purchase and with the massive help of fellow Conservatory Students, we founded the Purchase Chamber Orchestra, a completely volunteer and Orpheus-modeled string ensemble.

Additionally, I have performed with community  volunteers orchestras across the five Boroughs and Lower Westchester.

Since graduating, I have hunkered down to get to the root of the dying orchestra trend and to further hone and master my skills such that I can be at my best to help rebuild this seemingly crumbling society. We are in the start of a Renaissance time and I am excited to be a leader and champion for the Arts, Humanities, and Education. Though many of my day jobs to date have involved more teaching or customer service than performing, I continue to work toward joining a performing orchestra or ensemble. I strive to practice more than I ask of my students, and indeed practice what I preach.

Being a Memphis transplant I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with many different artists for many different genres of music (and even a feature film or two). The styles I feel comfortable playing in and improving around include Classical, Gypsy, Fiddle, Jazz, Broadway, Pop, Latin, R&B, etc. I have even trained vocally and have been backing vocals (Alto range) on a couple of tracks.