Practice Bootcamp

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That one week where you don’t have Max and Ava signed up for a day camp? That break between going to Grandma’s and Vacay got you like, “what am I going to do with Julia?”


Practice Bootcamp

A 30-minute daily session for 1 week!

Let’s build good practice habits through repetition.

Annette Misener

Violin Viola Cello


A general trend I have noticed is trying to make practicing consistent. Teachers can weekly ask the student, parents can nag the student, but practicing their instrument should come from an inner want to be better at what they like to do. The mantra, “Practice Every Day You Eat” I try to repeat. Let’s put it into practicality!


  1. Practice daily at the same time (or as close as possible)
  2. Develop good practice habits and discuss what’s a waste of time
  3. Further investigate the physical and mental stamina that musicians (and professional people) need to make it in the real world.


We set a time that I, the Practice Coach, and Student can meet consistently and daily for 5 days in a row. The meeting place should be in the space the Student can practice always. In the first session, Practice Coach will assess already established practice habits and then continue to coach to generate the most productive 30-minute practice sessions the Student can solo in the future. By the end of the 5 days, the Student will see progress, even if it’s in a small way: no longer needing to remember good posture; it “magically” happens!


Working at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp as a “Practice Coach” was where I first dipped my toes into teaching. The system at the camp is such that Campers have a practice hour scheduled into their daily Camp life. It’s a brief 45-50 minute time when the Camper truly has a chance to be by themselves and focus on how they sound – a chance to work on all the repertoire that Orchestra Camp throws at you on day one! In my charge would be up to 20 campers, each with their own small practice room to utilize. It’s a safe space where mistakes are encouraged so we can learn from them. My purpose there was to answer any of their questions about their music and offer suggestions on how to practice (and a little to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing).


Morning Sessions

(starting at 9am, on the hour)

1-week: $95; 2-weeks: $175

Afternoon/Evening Sessions

(starting at 2:30pm, top of the hour)

1-week: $110; 2-weeks: $200


2-week sessions are 1 free session. 3-week sessions, 2 free sessions, etc.

Reserve the session 2 weeks or more in advance: receive 25% off

More than 1 student? 10% off for 2; 20% off for 3; 30% off for 4; etc. Note: they don’t have to all be in the same family or even all be my violin students… Practice sessions will still be in succession, however, not group format.


Fall Dates at request.

Sign up for Winter Sessions today!

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